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SKS Carbine

SKS Clip and Magazine Pouches

Whether you like to run your SKS with stripper clips or removable magazines we have an SKS Pouch for you. People are often confused about the difference between an SKS clip and a magazine. To prevent confusion and embarrassment at the range here are some helpful definitions from our glossary  

SKS Clip - piece of shaped metal designed to hold a small amount of cartridges that are inserted into the action of the rifle. After loading the SKS clip can be discarded or saved for future use. 
- In the case of the SKS it's the thin metal strip that is used to load 10 rounds through the action of the rifle into the box magazine attached to the rifle.

SKS Magazine - A receptacle on a firearm that holds several cartridges for feeding into the chamber. Magazines take many forms, such as box, drum, rotary, or tubular and may be fixed or removable. Not the same as a clip

 - The SKS comes with a 10 round fixed magazine that many people remove and replace with higher capacity removable magazines. such as those offered by TAPCO, National, Promag and other manufacturers.

So whether you are using  SKS clips or an after market removable magazines you can find an SKS pouch that fits your needs.

Stay tuned as we add other SKS accessories for your favorite Simonov.